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Prompt Engineering

Conversations with robots.

Home by the Sea

I used ChatGPT to help me draft a short ghost story based on an idea I had. Then I asked it to change the tone to make it a comedy instead of a drama. The result is unique and hilarious.


I asked ChatGPT for a dinner recipe, then refined it to be as simple as possible with ingredients both my husband and I would enjoy.

Jack Henry ELA Integration

I used ChatGPT to help me draft some technical documentation based on a training session recording. It couldn't create a transcript, so I used CapCut to make one and sent the text to ChatGPT. It was then able to extract the information I needed to create my documentation.

Cosmic Insights

I created a GPT fortune teller that answers questions about the future based on the user's date, time, and location of birth.

Easter egg
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