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Cover of Perfect by Jen Heller

"A unique and creative work...truly one-of-a-kind." - Book Nerdection

"A cleverly plotted, character-led, dystopian saga." - The Wishing Shelf

"I could not put down this engaging, thought expanding, dark (and darkly humorous) thriller..." - Sam Veltre

"...The detail-rich writing Heller gives us really lights up the page...It takes dystopia and turns it on its head..." - Maxx Fidalgo

In the year 199X, a corrupt, tyrannical government genetically engineers people into “perfect” superhumans to fight their endless wars for world domination. The few who are not genetically engineered are called “imperfects,” treated as property, forbidden to speak, and used as test subjects in military experiments.​


Carmen is a genetically engineered  “perfect” person raised by a cruel foster mother intent on molding her into the future leader of the new world. April is an “imperfect” and former government guinea pig with an incredible secret that could be the key to salvation or total destruction. Thrown together by a chance meeting, Carmen and April form an unlikely friendship and team up to fight oppression and build a better world.

Where to Get Perfect

Get the book that a guy on the internet "really disliked" and my mother called "disgusting."

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