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Skin Deep: a novella

Available on eBook for only $0.99!

Cover of Skin Deep by Jen Heller

"While the idea of someone peeling the skin off someone's face is unnerving and gross, I couldn't put the book down! The story was that good!" - Kameron BrookKam's Place

"...The main character is great - funny and warped. A black mirror episode or short movie waiting to be made." - Sam Veltre

Chloe's stubborn acne problem was ruining her life—that is until she came up with a creative way to get clear skin: take it from other people. Soon she has everything she wants, but if the secret of her lethal acne remedy gets out, she could lose it all.

Where to Get Skin Deep

Be grossed out and delighted at the same time with the unholy demon spawn of Dexter Morgan and Becky Bloomwood.

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