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Perfect Part I Reviewed by Book Nerdection

Perfect Part I: The Industry was rated four stars/"Worth to Read" by Book Nerdection.

"This book is a unique and creative work...and is truly one-of-a-kind...the author did a great job in making it a masterpiece. If you enjoy reading books that are thrilling and suspenseful with a touch of reality, then Perfect Part I: The Industry is perfect for you... The best thing about this book is its strong and direct writing style with a dark theme. From the very first page, The Industry is an exciting and suspenseful book that you won’t be able to put down... The author created such a great story... The friendship, pain, love, and hatred depicted in the book are all understandable and relatable. This is one of those books with a gripping plot that will leave you thinking and curious." - Book Nerdection

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